Five Benefits of Receiving Parent Training

Written by our Advocacy Coordinator: Kimberly Torres, MSW

        Helping Hands ABA believes in not only providing ABA services to a child but rather building a foundation of familial support that will allow for Families to gain a better understanding of the treatment planning of their child but also to help build support for the family. Parent training has been proven to provide benefits in bringing families together and provide a seamless transition between the services a child receives during treatment hours and the life at home.  

            The benefits of parent training are wide but the five we will be focusing on are, decrease in regression, an increase in familial collaborations, an increase in socialization opportunity, a decrease in parental stress, and collaborating with a trained professional allows individuals receive adequate and individualized responses.  

             Parent training allows for a decrease in regression for the neurodiverse client, as the parents will be taught skills and activities that will help maintain a balance between the services being rendered by the service providers and the life the client lives at home. This will allow the client to build use of skills with family members, therefore, increasing familial collaborations among parents, guardians, and siblings. This will in the case allows for the client to experience and gain practice of socialization skills with the caregivers and individuals who are within the home. Parents are also able to use the parent training to ask questions or voice concerns allowing them to learn evidence-based practices that will help foster a better environment for their child, in this case lowering their own parental stress. The most major benefit to receiving parental especially with us at Helping Hands ABA P.C is that the parental training is provided by a licensed and trained professional who will be providing support that is very targeted and individual to you and your family.

         Overall, Parent Training can be great at providing detailed skills and information that will only benefit your household and child. Please feel free to ask us about our Parent Training program if you see that this would be of benefit to you and your household composition. We look forward to hearing from you.

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