Autism Services

Helping Hands Autism Treatment

Behavioral Autism Treatment is provided by Helping Hands Therapeutic Services, Inc.  We provide comprehensive training for children and their parents. This is often covered through the families’ private insurance plans. Our behavioral service providers work one-to-one with your child. They are highly-trained, enthusiastic, and passionate Registered Behavior Technicians. NY licensed behavior analysts supervise our RBTs.

We offer:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy)
  • One-to-one Autism Therapy
  • Autism treatment for children, or older individuals
  • Autism Parent Training
  • Home-Based Behavioral Therapy
ABA Autism Treatment girl learning skills

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)  helps us to understand how your child’s environment affects their behavior. Once an autism diagnosis is determined, we can work with them to gain new skills.

Girl playing with sand for behavior supporting autism treatment

Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support will assist individuals in becoming more independent. After an ABA assessment, we can determine if your child is eligible for a Behavior Support plan.

Parent Training for families receiving Autism treatment

Parent Training

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder display behavior that can cause parental stress. Our Parent Training educates you on effective practices for positive behavioral change.

We’re Here For You

When a parent first thinks “my child may have autism,” panic can set in. Many feel like this may be a never-ending problem. Helping Hands is here to help individuals and their families alike to find the resources they need to thrive. Check our blog for information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including signs and symptoms. You will find numerous resources here for you, including a caring, qualified staff, that will work with your families’ private insurance plans.

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“…it was as if a switch had been turned on finally and his brain started to make all the connections to be able to communicate his needs better. He started to talk, he started to play in ways he had never before, he said Mami and Daddy for the first time. Should I say more?”

Excerpt from a parent’s speech about our services and staff

“So THANK YOU from our hearts, because you changed our lives. You helped us see the amazing child that our son is… you believed in him and in us as his parents”

Excerpt from a parent’s speech about our services and staff