Applied Behavior Analysis

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a research-based, systematic approach to analyzing and changing behavior as it relates to an individual and their environment. Our New York Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBA’s) look at the unique needs and strengths of each child. First, they gather information from the child’s family and therapists to design a plan specifically for them. Then, we work with the individual and their family to improve socially significant behaviors that will help enhance quality of life.

Once an assessment is completed by our LBA’s, your child can begin ABA therapy. In order to ensure that our program meets standards, Applied Behavior Analysis Services are done under the direct supervision and guidance of New York Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBAs).

How Does ABA Help?

Research tells us that many children with autism may not work well in a typical learning environment. Our services look to specifically find a teaching-style that fits your child’s unique needs. Likewise, several studies show that comprehensive, intensive, ABA intervention can produce significant improvements in the behavioral skills of children with ASD. Our program focuses on data-driven analysis to ensure that we are targeting your child’s needs. Altogether, Applied Behavior Analysis can help us develop a program for your child to improve:

  • Behavioral skills
  • Communication skills
  • Motor skills
  • Sleep cycles
  • Self-control & aggression
  • Compliance
  • Eye contact
  • Information retention
  • Reducing interfering behaviors

These skills, and more, can be taught with ABA. Overall, Helping Hands ABA is here to help your child find the help they need in order to thrive and live happily.

Preparing your Child for the Future

To summarize, ABA is an effective strategy across the spectrum of autism. Many studies show that ABA is effective in decreasing inferior behavior and teaching new skills. Intensive, one-on-one ABA can reduce the need for specialized services in adulthood.

Helping Hands ABA is here to help you find the peace of mind that your child is on the right track. Please contact us for more information.