Our Staff

The Supervisors and Staff Coordinators at

Helping Hands ABA are not just Practitioners.

Our Head BCBAs are Pioneers in the

world of Autism treatment.

Chana Tilson

Executive Director

Chana has served as the Program Director of the Hand in Hand Early Childhood Center for the past ten years. She has vast expertise with children and adults with Autism and significant behavioral challenges. To address unmet needs identified by many families, Chana developed and runs Helping Hands ABA P.C. She recently graduated with her PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis and is in the process of publishing research on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Parental Stress, and the effects of Parental Stress on Child Behavior.

Every administrator at Helping Hands ABA has a background in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

All of our staff, from our Billing department, to our Marketing team, has worked with individuals with Autism at one point in their careers.

Kimberly Torres

Program Director


Kimberly Torres holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work from Fordham University and a Master of Social Work Degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. Kimberly has a background in using Trauma-Informed Client Centered Social Work Skills with Children, Older Adults and Families. She is responsible for upholding Family and Staff support and quality assurance. She is also responsible for creating community connections and providing resources for our families and staff. Kimberly’s experience with neurodiverse children began at home. Her brother was a client of Helping Hands ABA. Kimberly is pursuing her License in Social Work in New York. She is compassionate, caring, and ready to provide for our families.

Rachel King

Training Director


Rachel King is the Training Director at Helping Hands ABA. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst living and working in New York City. She studied psychology in her undergraduate years at Ball State University and received her Bachelor of Science degree. An interest in therapy and working with children led her to a job upon graduation implementing therapy rooted in the principles of Behavior Analysis at a clinic in Indianapolis, IN. She soon decided to continue her education in the field and earned her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

 She has been working with children with autism and related developmental disabilities in Indiana, Ohio, the Tri-state area, and Australia since 2010. She has experience working with individuals aged 2-22 in a variety of environments including schools, clinic-based therapy centers, outpatient centers, community settings, daycares, and homes. Her experience includes in-home direct-care, behavior consultation, parent training and training of senior staff.

 She enjoys collaboration and mentoring other clinicians (and being mentored!) She is passionate about developing innovative training strategies and collaboration with related service-providers. She strives to provide thorough, comprehensive, and compassionate care to her clients and their families.

Grecia Gaviria


Grecia is a clinical supervisor with over eight years of experience working within different home, educational and clinical settings. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Master of Science in Psychology with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis. Her most recent roles include supporting and training service providers to understand evidence-based practice while approaching the learner, the family, and the community from a strength-based model. Grecia integrates cultural awareness practices into service delivery, supervision, and professional development, staying sensitive to each learner’s support level needs.  She strives to create an emotionally safe learning environment for all types of learners.
Grecia is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Edita Erlikh


Edita Erlikh is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst. Since 2009, Edita has been working in the fields of Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education in school, center and home-based settings. She holds B.S. in Psychology from the University of Latvia, M.S. in Teaching from Fordham University, and completed the ABA Online Program from Florida Institute of Technology.

She specializes in a range of services including behavior assessments, personalized treatment plans carefully aligned to IEP, behavior plans and parent/staff training. Through diligence, empathy, thoughtful collaboration, attention to detail and continuous learning, Edita strives to partner with the team of professionals and her clients to unlock the tremendous potential within each learner and create positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Edita has been living in the NYC metro area for nearly 20 years and deeply values the cultural diversity, innovative and resilient attitudes of dedicated professionals and families as well as the natural beauty of the region – all of which never cease to recharge and inspire.

Odalis Hernandez

Fellowship Supervisor


Odalis Hernandez is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and a New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst. She has her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from Queens College where she began her professional career. She has been working with children diagnosed with Autism for over 5 years. She has worked directly with clients in both the clinical and home settings and has transitioned to a supervisory position working closely with Behavior Technicians and Families on how to effectively implement ABA strategies. Odalis’ research interests include:

  • Vocal stereotypy 
  • Motor stereotypy 
  • Eating desensitization
  • Parent training 
  • Social significance of skills across children’s ages and cultural backgrounds 

Dominique M. Algieri


Dominique is a Certified Special Education Teacher, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst residing in Mahopac, NY. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in Psychology and a Dual Master’s Degree in General and Special Education from Touro College. Dominique received her BCBA certificate from Florida Institute of Technology in 2019. She has worked within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2008 where she started as a behavior technician. Dominique has experience as a Special Education School Coordinator, a Pre-Kindergarten Special Education Teacher and working with children with ASD in home and in school settings, ranging from the ages of 18 months to 18 years old. Currently, Dominique is pursuing a certificate as a Clinical Trauma Specialist from Trauma Institute International.

Mackenzie Rice


MacKenzie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst living and working in New York City. MacKenzie has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in child development and a Master’s degree in Special Education. She has a background in social work and non-profit development which fueled her passion for serving families in need. MacKenzie was introduced to Applied Behavior Analysis in 2018 when she was a social worker in the foster care field, and has been in the ABA field for over 3 years now. MacKenzie has experience working with children and adults ages 2 to 30 diagnosed with ASD with ranging behavior complexities. She has worked with clients in the school, home, and community settings. MacKenzie is currently working to become certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and has a strong interest in weaving ACT into her practice in regard to providing training with parents and other family members. She is passionate about providing services that will make a difference in the client’s lives, strives to be culturally aware, and works to provide services to underserved populations.

Samantha Santana

Staffing Coordinator


Samantha is the Staffing Coordinator for the Helping Hands ABA team. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University. Samantha has a strong background in program development and project management for local government. She is passionate and dedicated about enhancing wellbeing by supporting clients and families. 

Morgan  Christopher

Behavior Technician and Recruitment Specialist


Morgan has a year of clinical experience in home, school, and clinic settings. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Counselor Education from the University of South Carolina. Her current position includes implementing treatment plans with the children whose cases she is currently working on. Morgan also collaborates within the hiring team to review resumes, conduct interviews, and overall facilitate the hiring process.
Morgan is currently working on graduate school applications, hoping to pursue a Master’s of Education in either Clinical Mental Health Counseling or Rehabilitation Counseling.

Nina Noble

Behavior Technician and Recruitment Specialist


Nina is a Registered Behavior Technician and Recruiting Specialist. She received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Communications Sciences and Disorders. She has been an RBT for nearly four years and is a dedicated therapist and works for cultivate a fun and safe learning environment for her clients . Other responsibilities include her most recent role as a recruiting specialist with the Helping Hands ABA hiring team. She strives to one day attain her Masters in ABA and become a BCBA.