Behavior Support

LBA teaching positive behavior to child with Autism

Positive Behavior Support

At Helping Hands ABA, we provide tailored, positive behavior intervention support to individuals with Autism. Behavior support is a practice for children with Autism whose behaviors are interfering with learning and their daily life. Our behavior support plans focus on maximizing positive interactions with reinforcement while minimizing harmful interactions. Our team of professionals will work with your family to determine the sources of harmful behaviors. Then, we teach the individual an appropriate replacement skill, allowing them to communicate needs more effectively. Our Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBAs) develop behavior support plans that focus on modifying specific behaviors using evidence-based practices implemented by our team of behavior technicians. Furthermore, we take time to modify the behavior support plan as your child continues to develop.

When implementing the behavior support plan, family involvement is crucial. We must all work together to meet your child’s treatment goals. Family support groups and individual sessions are offered to help families manage their stress. Overall, this will allow the family unit to effectively and consistently implement the behavior support plans.

Our mission at Helping Hands ABA is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We are here to help you find peace of mind knowing that your child is on the right track. Please contact us for more information.